Synergy - UAC prompts cause a delay/disconnect for about 5 seconds

I noticed that when I would get a UAC permission prompt on my Windows synergy client, I was disconnected from the desktop for about 5 seconds. During that time I was unable to use my mouse or keyboard on that desktop until the client reconnected.

I found an issue here: which is the same issue, reported back in July 2012! There is a simple patch, so I applied it (after struggling to get a working compilation environment on all hackers' favorite OS, of course), tested, and it works!

I am maintaining an unofficial synergy mirror on github: oh, and the specific fix outlined here is on its own feature branch: Now, to fix the fact that copying in Windows won't paste into my Linux... :)

I also built an x86 (sorry, x64 was beyond my tolerance for MSBS) installer with the fix included, you can download that here: and obviously, if you don't trust me you can use the github branch above. No hard feelings.