Improvements to the HTML5 audio library Buzz (Qualify your globals!)

Hey y'all <3

In the process of migrating Avocado to being node-webkit capable, I've been discovering some issues in JavaScript libraries assuming that window is the top-level global. In node-webkit this is not always the case.

Most people writing JavaScript will, for instance, use document or Image or a number of other attributes of the window object, without qualification (e.g. window.document). As I mentioned, in node-webkit there is not a guaranteed top-level window global, so this becomes problematic! So this was pull request #1 for Buzz.

The second pull request was a little more interesting! I noticed while doing some tests that Buzz can't really loop music seamlessly. This seems to be a tricky problem in general, as I have read mailing lists of people lamenting the inability for most modern browsers to bridge this gap. This is sad for anyone interested in creating interactive web experiences with high production values. What a flowery way of saying a game! ;)

The second pull request routes all audio through the shiny new HTML5 web audio API. This drastically improves performance on Chrome, though I noticed that Firefox still seems to have trouble keeping up. To be fair, I am not an expert on the web audio API. It's really new! I'm going to continue studying this problem and see what I can come up with, but for the meantime things are looking a lot better in Chrome! Go visit the pull request and support/improve it!